Thank you for visiting Joy Abundantly Expressing (JAE)! I hope the music and messages here will inspire and uplift you. It’s been my life-long desire to express ALL the love and JOY that God has placed in my heart through ministry. My goal is that this site will help you activate God’s JOY and LOVE in YOUR LIFE in a powerful way. So, TOGETHER, let’s set our collective intention to allow this JOY and LOVE to GROW in our lives so that we can make a positive difference and transform our world for good! May the divine flow of the “inner and outer” music continue to bless and inspire you as it has blessed and inspired me! 

Our Mission

Joy Abundantly Expressing inspires, uplifts, and edifies listeners and followers with music, joy affirmations, and joy messages through the website, videos, and other media platforms and provides a space online for others to connect around the theme of joy and justice, inspired by unconditional divine love. Joy is a powerful spiritual capacity within us that can be cultivated and activated as an integral part of creating a just world that works for all.

Infinite blessings, love, and joy,

Rev. Dinah Chapman, M.Div.

Do you desire more joy?

Are you looking for ways to deepen your spiritual practices – – are you feeling tapped out and tired of doing the same old, same old? Are you ready to go to new levels of joy?

I also facilitate wisdom-based Inclusivity workshops in faith-based groups.

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