Come Travel with Us…

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.10.03 PMAh, the joys of traveling….In 2012 and 2016, I had a chance to travel with my friend and mentor Rev. Mary Anne Harris to Italy and Spain. Last November, they went to Budapest, Prague, and Munich (I missed that trip). Right now they are in England and Scotland (I missed this trip, too). I don’t want to miss the next one!
Next year, Rev. Mary Anne is leading the 2019 travel group to Venice, Florence, Sorrento, Pompeii, and Rome! SO, WHO WANTS TO GO? March 18-28, 2019.
I am looking for a minimum of 6 NEW people to travel to Italy with us so that I can become a tour-leader-in-training. Do you want to go? Complete the form in the brochure below, or contact me.
To see the full itinerary, download Italy.19.Brochure. Don’t wait!

A Day of Prayer…

Copy of joy cup

Our hearts are heavy with grief, as we witness yet another slaughtering of people of faith in their house of worship. This time people of Jewish faith…in Pittsburg. I invite us all into prayers of peace and divine love – – let compassion arise in us. Light a candle, hold a silent vigil, go and be with others to hold each other up in authentic caring….and sharing. Take time, take time to breathe…breathe in the precious Breath of Life we all share, and remember it was swept away from others.

We are all affected. We are all “inextricably linked.”  Can we put our political ideologies and “otherizing” down for a just a little while to reflect on how sacred life is? Each moment and each breath you take today is precious. Let us use our lives differently than in the past. Where we’ve been asleep, arise and awaken; where we’ve been complacent, shake ourselves and get on assignment with wisdom from on high; where we’ve been silent, open our mouths and speak truth to power….omg, we’ve overslept.

Today – let us pray….until we are infused with and allow a greater light in our minds and hearts as never before.

Peace unto you this day, my friend.

~ Rev. Dinah Chapman, M.Div


Another Celebration!

Dinah Chapman 120310_046
Here is the announcement from Unity of Tri-Valley!
“Nothing could be finer….”
The UTV Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Rev Dinah Chapman is joining our spiritual community as our next Senior Minister. Her first Sunday Celebration service will be on Sunday, February 18th.
Rev. Dinah received her Masters of Divinity degree from Unity Institute and Seminary and became an ordained Unity minister in June 2016. She has served as Associate Minister at Unity of San Leandro for these past two years. Rev. Dinah says, “I am happy to be coming back to UTV, this time as your minister, and being part of this welcoming, inclusive faith community.”
In addition to having a love for teaching spiritual principles, Rev. Dinah is also a talented singer/songwriter, who will be incorporating her musical talents into her ministry at UTV.  Rev. Dinah is passionate about inclusivity, empowering and inspiring others to live abundant, joyful, meaningful lives that make a positive difference in the world.
“We want and need a world that works for all, that embraces and celebrates all of our diversity,” she adds.
Our UTV spiritual family looks forward to continuing to co-create, now with Rev. Dinah, a loving and supportive community where we learn, grow, and express ourselves spiritually as a source of light, hope, and peace to all.”

Announcing…More JOY!


Great News to Share!

I am delighted to announce that Unity-Joy Abundantly Expressing Ministries has been approved as an alternative Unity ministry by the Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) Board of Trustees! Stay tuned for more news as I embark upon exciting ways of sharing and connecting with others as we all awaken to our spiritual essence of JOY and discover our own joyful expressions of this magnificent quality of being. A host of opportunities for you to join in are coming soon! I am inviting you to be a part of keeping the JOY going….so stay tuned… If you haven’t already done so, I would love for you to join my mailing list at to start receiving updates and the latest news on the launch of this NEW ministry! Let’s share more JOY and let JOY rise in our world!

Blessings always,

Rev. Dinah Chapman, M.Div.


There’s Joy in it…


Within the first few months of seminary in 2013, I had the pleasure of taking an elective, and I was not quite sure what I was getting myself into. It was simply called the Peace Seminar and the description sounded interesting enough, about how we can create a world that works for everyone. Well, there were enough things happeninShaiff IMG_6723g in the world, that made me go hmmmm…. So how do we, who claim to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, engage in our world in a way that will allow us to shift to a higher way of being, doing, and having that alleviates suffering and the agonizing pangs of not enough-ness? It was a tough, challenging class taught by Dr. Shariff Abdullah, (center of photo) who has made his life’s work and spiritual practice all about inclusivity.  Shariff Abdullah says in his book, Creating A World that Works for All,

“My work is my spiritual practice, and Commonway Institue is my principal vehicle for that practice. The institute’s focus is inclusivity – – teaching the theory, philosophy, and practice of the inextricable linkage between our individual lives and The Other. The links already exist; we just help people become conscious of them…We humans have much more that unites us than separates us. Commonly helps people see that.” (Chapter 3 Inclusivity–Spirit and Practice, page 63)

Little did I know that this class and this work would dig down into the core of me and resonate so strongly, so that years later I am still passionate about what Shariff Abdullah and Commonway Institute are doing. Through much of 2013, 2014, 2015, however, I could not understand the disconnect of seeing symptoms in our society of great dis-ease, fragmentation, and exclusivity driving the actions and reactions in our nation, and on the other hand seeing basically no higher ground operatives ready to meet the challenge of this atmosphere head on.

So here we are in 2017, and I asked myself “what’s changed?” We are all praying, asking what is ours to do, and finding our vehicles for taking action in some form of spiritual social activism in our own way. The headlines continue to be hurled at us ceaselessly and endlessly. I often hear within my own heart, ” do what’s in front of you.” Wherever we are working along the spectrum of healing the world, it is ALL needed.

IMG_8500Maybe this work of inclusivity is not sexy or glitzy enough for everyone to jump on the bandwagon in droves. However, I believe when enough people get sick and tired of being sick and tired…they’ll wake up and realize that instead of hacking away at the symptoms that are manifesting on the surface, we’ll begin to also work the deeper work of shifting our collective consciousness and awareness to the underlying spiritual aspects and qualities of our humanity and our divinity. Then we can find that pearl of great price — our linkage, our spiritual heritage that allows us to live in unified, divine harmony in the beloved community and be as One.

I’ve prayed, I’ve asked what is mine to do, and one thing is to bring people together who believe it’s possible to live, collaborate, dialog and make changes that come from a place of inclusivity and not exclusivity. Are you passionate about taking some action and don’t know where to start? A good place to start would be to engage in Dr. Shariff Abdullah’s Shadow-to-Light workshops. Working on a personal/individualistic level is fine if that is all you can do, however, working on the collective, greater system and institutional level is very much needed as well.

My action and activity over the next 12 weeks is to facilitate Dr. Shariff Abdullah’s powerfully transforming workshops called the Shadow-to-Light (S2L) Program, starting Sept. 5 at Unity of San Leandro in San Leandro, CA. There’s still time to sign up if you want to join in shifting the energy on the planet from the shadows to LIGHT……I will be the local lead facilitator inviting 12 other transformation catalysts to attend who also want to see a world transformed to higher ground. We need people from all walks of life, no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or political affiliation. For more information and to sign up, go to: We would love to have the synergy of face-to-face dialog, but if you are not near this workshop in the Bay Area or in your area, go to the online version of the workshop: Online Solo S2L Course

Together – Let us embrace and usher in the LIGHT!

Peace & blessings,

Rev. Dinah

Joy…in the midst of chaos?

FeelthejoyEarlier this week I wrote and got so busy I forgot to post – Hmmm, it feels odd to talk about and be about JOY, when so much is happening in the media that doesn’t seem to represent JOY.  JOY to the world, and goodwill toward all are not just things we should say in December. I was just absolutely speechless when I heard about the violence and death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. “Where is the Joy in that?” I thought. I recognize that Joy is an innate quality of being that springs from divine love and for me that means it is the inner state of mind and heart that is attuned to the spirit of God.  As spiritual beings having a natural experience, we can decide if we’re going to be in alignment with Truth and righteousness or if are we going to break with eternal truth and do something else. There’’s a whole lot of “something else” going on in the world today. But there is a great deal of good that’s going on in the world as well. What will we choose to focus on?
It seems the human race is going through another birthing cycle to evolve to a much higher state. All the seeds of error that have been sown into our collective memory grew into stalks of coarse weeds entangled into our civilization and are now being uprooted. It is like cutting out a cancer and it’s not painless. So, whether it’s a birthing of something new or a surgery that humankind is going through, it won’t happen overnight in the the micro-wave popcorn fashion, like we wish it would. If we choose Joy, we choose the joy of knowing divine justice and divine love prevails in the midst of us.
The invisible, eternal, infinite divine laws of LIFE, FREEDOM, and DIVINE LOVE are mighty in the midst of us and will always show up and show forth in those who seek first the kingdom. We all must set intentions and act upon those God-given intentions. Let us not say, the Light, the Joy, and the Peace came, and we did not see or know it. So, no…I will not take down my Joy signs. Please know that I am not ignoring that the reality that many people are in some very real pain today and hurting, and some are grieving the most incredible losses. May the peace, love, comfort, and strength of the Infinite, All-knowing become fully theirs today. For weeping may endure for a night…Millions are holding you in their hearts today in a good way. May we all rise and see a brand new morning is dawning.
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love. I John 4:18
Choose Love….Choose Joy….Choose Peace.
Love and joy to you today,
Rev. Dinah

Stay in your JOY


Today, I had a scary road rage encounter. As I went about my daily errands, stopping by the bank, putting gas in the car, etc., I came to a four-way stop. My usual habit is to notice who gets to the stop signs first, of course. This time I was the last car to reach the stop signs. Two cars were already at the corner. They were not proceeding through the intersection because of two pedestrians in the cross walk. The car behind me began honking his horn at me. I finally took my appropriate left turn and turned into the gas station. The impatient honking driver then raced into the gas station lot and blocked the front of my car. When I proceeded into the gas station to pay for my gas, I noticed he was yelling and swearing at me! At first I was startled, but then I thought, “oh, he is really upset.”
What the upset driver had failed to see were the pedestrians that everyone was waiting for to cross the street. After I realized it was me at whom he was screaming, “I will f – – – you up! I will f – – – you up!” and saying I didn’t know how to drive, all I could think to say was “I love you, God bless you, …I love you, God bless you.” He then threw his car into reverse and raced out of the gas station lot. It could have turned out differently, and I am grateful he left.
I have been thinking a lot lately on filling up with joy, even in the midst of trying circumstances. And if all we are filled up with is love, then that is what should come flowing out of us, even when we’re under pressure. We must stay vigilant in keeping our minds stayed on higher thoughts.  I’m not saying we’re perfect all the time, but that’s our goal. Perfect love casts out fear. Incidents like these  make me wonder why so many people seem to be on edge, feeling fearful and irritated, feeling scarcity, limitation, and lack. But they also make me even more grateful to have the support of my family and friends who supported me and encouraged me after this incident.
I believe now more than ever we must continue to fill ourselves up with the joy and love that God is continually expressing through us and remind ourselves constantly of what is true. So, be safe, use good wisdom, be the light, and don’t let anyone steal your JOY!
In gratitude, love, and joy,
Rev. Dinah

It’s Time…

I am excited to be facilitating my first inclusivity workshop this weekend in Southern California at Unity of the Oaks, Sunday, February 19, 2017, 12 to 2 p.m. See attached flyer. If ever there was a time to engage and heal our world, it is now!

Inclusivity flyer - The Oaks gold jpeg.001.jpeg

Bye-Bye, Summer!


Greetings! As you probably recall, I graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Unity Institute and Seminary and was ordained as a Unity Minister June 9th at Unity Village. It was a joyous occasion! I am so grateful for all the support, encouragement, and prayers as I followed my heart and answered the call to ministry. Thank you to all who attended the ceremony and celebrations and to those who showed their love by sending cards and gifts! I am grateful and I know that I am blessed by your outpouring of true, genuine support.

I am currently working at my home church Unity Church of San Leandro in the northern California Bay Area as Associate Minister. Many have asked if I will continue singing. The answer is “Yes!” As a matter of fact, feedback from so many of you re-confirms for me that music is foundational for my ministry and most likely always will be. I am still available for singing engagements as well as speaking engagements.

Music is such a great part of how I express God’s gifts and the message of love and Oneness. I feel like my creativity is waking up from a long hiatus, which probably has to do with the right-brain research part of me working on overtime through school. Now, that the program is complete, there’s some blossoming and re-surfacing of my imagination faculty going on. HeartMath – TM experts say that when we are stressed our creative side shuts down. So I am doing a lot of walking and contemplating. When we access our hearts, our creative side blossoms!

I feel the joy rising!

So, …the eagle (me) has finally landed…I had to massage my cheeks from smiling so much. OH THE JOY! Again, I am so very grateful for all the outpouring of love. Already, I’ve had several opportunities to speak and sing. It is truly a blessing! Life is good!

The Birdie on the Beach


On my birthday last year, I sat on the beach watching the waves roll in and out across the white sands of Bermuda. I wanted go some place special for my birthday, and so I did.  I have been divorced for over 20 years, and strangely, I don’t feel lonely. There is a difference between “lonely” and “alone.” I believe life is what you make it, and if we don’t learn to celebrate what’s good in our lives we humans can end up “lonely.”

I don’t have to worry about outrunning “lonely” when I know that I can never really be alone. Everyone who crosses my path, I consider to be some unique manifestation of God’s love. The Presence of God is always surrounding, enfolding, and indwelling me. I did not always feel this way. I had to put some time into developing this awareness – – it took practice, practice, and more practice spending time getting still and quiet enough to receive the love that was pouring into my life. Nowadays, there is so much help to get us spiritually in tune and out of the reactionary, emotionally hijacked states with which we might have been conditioned as we were coming along in our childhoods. For me, spiritual growth has come in many ways and not always in a straight-line progression all the time, but perhaps a curvy line.

So as I took my Bermuda birthday beach walk, I had time to sit and just look at the ocean and the sky. I looked out as far to the horizon as I could, and I felt swallowed up in the vastness of space. I felt so tiny. I felt like I had the whole beach to myself and loved every minute of it. Gratitude welled up in me as I reflected on all the decades of my life, each decade was a huge leap in the right direction with many turns and missteps along the way. But overall, forward progress.

Actually, I spotted about eight of us on the beach that day; I remember two couples and a couple of joggers, and me. And then…I spotted this bird, undaunted by my presence and unmoved by the waves. I watched the bird. The bird seemed very focused on looking for the tiniest bit of seafood in the sand. This led me to focus on God as Infinite Source of everything and  Jesus’ words about considering the lilies of the field  and how they neither toil nor spin. This bird seemed so unconcerned about the possibility of a wave splaIMG_3728shing upon it, or about any joggers coming toward it. Just as a wave would roll in, the bird quickly hopped up just in the nick of time and never got close to being splashed by a wave. “Good instincts!” I thought. Then I thought again, “noooo, it’s more than that; when you know how to fly, you don’t WORRY about the waves!

I think I’ll take a lesson from this little bird and rise up and live as if I have the whole beach of life to myself in joyful freedom and not be worried about the waves of drama, despair, or loneliness. Wow!…all this from a little birdie on the beach. I was in good company that day on the beach.