Stepping out of my comfort zone!

It has been my pleasure to serve on Sunday mornings as worship leader for three Sundays in June at my church, Tri-Valley Unity. I’m fine with getting up singing in front of folks, but now God is pushing me out of the boat! I’m learning that it’s okay to be prepared and prayed up, but then I have to lay back and trust Spirit to just flow through me as I speak as well. I truly believe God wants to show up in a powerful way in each and every service if we’ll allow it and be open to whatever it is and expect it! I was telling someone the other day…”don’t even think we’re going to PM (project manage) God.” It’s the other way around. I am glad that I am the project – – the “work in progress” that I am.  And I plan to keep on letting God express! How about you? Greater is the Omnipresence and Power that is within me AND you. Let’s express!

You have a blessed weekend!

Many blessings to ya (…let ’em come through ya),