CD Release Party Was Fun! Fun! Fun!

We had a blast, didn’t we? I want to thank all of you once again who came to my kick-off party for my new CD on August 7. I was overwhelmed! My heart was full of gratitude, to say the least. As I stated in the beginning, “It takes a village,” and you are my tribe, each and every one of you who made this event a success. I got some surprises from a couple of folks who I did NOT think were going to make it….but they showed up and put a big OMG on my face AND a big smile.  Those who worked quietly behind the scenes, your love was felt at a much deeper place than you know. I was very grateful (I still am) and encouraged by your presence. Most of all, the forever FAITHFUL Presence of Infinite Love and Intelligence was felt and everyone was abuzz with this awesome energy and enthusiasm for the CD. This CD is filled with messages of hope, love, and inspiration. I pray that it circles the globe and lifts up everyone to new levels of awareness.  My main message is that “YOU matter,” and you are an amazing creation of God. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. There is an abundance of LOVE, JOY, and PEACE that is your birthright. And you can at any moment accept it, step into it and live a BIG abundant life! It’s yours for the taking! Go get ’em! May blessing abound and surround you this week. Sending love and peace your way….

Love and infinite blessings,