Tears of joy, …and Words from Ann

Just wanted to share this email from Ann from Walnut Creek. My cup truly runneth over! Thank you all for supporting me in my music with love, your sharing, your gifts, genuine heart-felt expressions of joy, and affirmative prayer! Bless you!

Infinite blessings,




I heard Dinah’s music at Unity Church in Walnut Creek a few months ago, when I was seeking comfort, inspiration and the courage to make changes in my life. She inspired me! So I bought her CD, River of Living Waters. 

Dinah’s voice, the words in her songs, and her heartfelt delivery have moved me tremendously in my journey over the last 3 months. Her love and faith come through loud and clear in her voice and through her lyrics.

Last Sunday, I heard her again at Unity. When she sang Faithful, I cried, as I realized that God had indeed been faithful to me and answered my prayers.

Her music has transformed me and I am grateful to Dinah for this gift she has to touch, to heal and to inspire.

Her song Touching the Stillness allowed me to begin to meditate and pray. Her song Find a Song became my song, in those moments of difficulty. Her song Brand New was exactly the way I felt as I was undergoing my transformation and healing. And her song Beloved is something I have sung many times when I think I am all alone.

Keep singing Dinah! Your ministry will be blessed by your loving intention and your incredible talent!

Ann from Unity, Walnut Creek, California