A Day of Prayer…

Copy of joy cup

Our hearts are heavy with grief, as we witness yet another slaughtering of people of faith in their house of worship. This time people of Jewish faith…in Pittsburg. I invite us all into prayers of peace and divine love – – let compassion arise in us. Light a candle, hold a silent vigil, go and be with others to hold each other up in authentic caring….and sharing. Take time, take time to breathe…breathe in the precious Breath of Life we all share, and remember it was swept away from others.

We are all affected. We are all “inextricably linked.”  Can we put our political ideologies and “otherizing” down for a just a little while to reflect on how sacred life is? Each moment and each breath you take today is precious. Let us use our lives differently than in the past. Where we’ve been asleep, arise and awaken; where we’ve been complacent, shake ourselves and get on assignment with wisdom from on high; where we’ve been silent, open our mouths and speak truth to power….omg, we’ve overslept.

Today – let us pray….until we are infused with and allow a greater light in our minds and hearts as never before.

Peace unto you this day, my friend.

~ Rev. Dinah Chapman, M.Div