Joy in the Midst of All This?

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Yeah, in all this? How can we find joy?

I am in Day 32 of sheltering in place here in the Bay Area. I haven’t binged watched anything nor have I taken up a hobby. If there’s one tip I could share, it would be this. I have taken up being aware of my emotions and doing a daily check-in with myself. Nothing really stringent, just noticing. The one thing we don’t want to do is ignore the challenges and what’s going on all around us. And we don’t want to ignore what’s going on inside of us either, physically, emotionally, mentally, nor spiritually.

I’ve been wondering about how to talk about joy in the midst of all this. Where is joy in all this? After a few minutes of checking the news to see if there’s anything I should do differently, I pick up my remote and remove the noise and go for my daily walk. 

Walking has been the best way for me to not only get exercise, but it’s like rebooting to my system. It helps to refresh my perspective and clear my thinking. I can hear my own thoughts rather than being bombarded with all the stuff from the networks and social media. Once I settle my mind and breathe in fresh air, a sense of peace and joy is right there waiting for me. Ah yes! In this little piece of the world…there’s a little joy oasis. 

Joy is the ever-abiding stream of gladness and delight for living that wells up on the inside of us if we’ll allow space and time for it. As I walk, I begin to notice the beauty of the flowers, the sky, the trees, and relish in this simple noticing. As I walk, I am grateful for my legs, my ankles, my knees, my balance, my heart, everything in my physical body that allows this motion and activity to take place. Sometimes I listen to a podcast, sometimes I don’t. It is so quiet on the streets now; there’s nothing to drown out! No traffic on the streets. Hurray! The streets might be a little empty, but the information super highway is not! LOL! I feel gratitude and appreciation for this time to reflect. While centering and placing my focus on my heart, I bless all those who come to mind and pray for our world. Before you know it, I’m back at my apartment…looking forward to the next walk and allowing space for joy to rise in my awareness once again. Wash hands Quote Graphic Instagram Post

Where is joy in all this? I think it’s in every moment we choose to recognize, realize, and respond to it. Then we can express it, and it blesses others in our world and those all around us.

Whoever and wherever you are:

May we all  be well.

May we all be secure.

May we all be happy.

So be it.


Blessings & Joy,

Rev. Dinah