“Touching the Stillness” – The Backstory on the Song

This is the story of how the song “Touching the Stillness” came about. It is Track 2 on my new CD:

I met Rev. Paulette Pipe during one of my trips to Unity Village to take S.E.E. (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) classes. She is the founder and host of an internet radio program called “Touching the Stillness” on Unity.FM.  I LOVE her pioneering spirit that calls us to come apart from our daily activities to focus on stilling our minds and having quiet time to go within.

One day last summer while I was out for a walk, a little melody popped into my head as I began to turn my walk into a meditative walk. I began to think on how much meditation means to me, and words began to flow out of me that reflected my experience with meditation.

My deepest heart’s desire was just to sing and share a soulful, spirited ballad about my personal experience that would in some way call others into this beautiful, sacred experience of meditation. I knew the title was not original, but I always believed that there was an instant connection when Paulette and I met. And I believe this song came “through” me as an expression of a shared joy and appreciation for meditation.

Personally, the biggest leap in my prayer life came when I learned to meditate. I felt it deepened my prayer life tremendously. It was the mid-80s, and I was coming to a crossroads in my life. Everything was falling apart it seems. But that’s when I knew I was headed for a break-through to another level. Prayer and meditation carried me through it all. Meditation was all new to me back then. I didn’t really know how to get quiet and still the incessant mind chatter that was going all the time. The grieving of a divorce, having to start all over, finding new employment and a new place to live was all given over to the living, indwelling Presence within.  Somehow my darkest days turned bright as I just let go and sat in the Silence, and just listened for the still small voice guiding me, loving me, and strengthening me. Old patterns started to break up, and I started to see the reality of Truth living in, as, and through me, instead of me trying to pray and make things happen. I started to love myself more and started to see the radiant, brilliant light of God’s Love even more by meditating. By spending quiet time, my sense of worthiness grew. I could see the pattern of “looking for love in all the wrong places” was starting to wane.

Each and every moment is so precious in meditation. Contemplating God’s infinite love was how I began, if only for 5 or 10 minutes….and then I moved into sitting quietly acknowledging my Oneness just as Jesus did (I and the Father are one), not asking for anything (15, 20, 30 minutes….or whatever; it’s not about quantity but quality)….just being there, being fully present made all the difference. What was significant was to just DO it; it felt weird at first, just sitting and doing nothing??? But after a while, things started to shift and unfold. I knew something greater than my little ‘self’ was working and creating my NEW life, renewing me, re-shaping, re-inventing, etc., and it’s STILL going strong!

So, this song is not about some fad or passing fancy, but it’s about something I have lived for over 20 years now. And it has made all the difference in my life. No matter where you are and what you are experiencing, there is a place you can go….within yourself… and find peace, love, and the true joy that’s always been there waiting for you to tap into it. I pray that this song, “Touching the Stillness,” will be a blessing to you and a blessing to the world! May your life blossom and spring forward as never before!

Love & infinite joy,



CD Kick-Off! “Rivers of Living Waters” Ready to Launch

"Evening Gown" © 2005 by Jenny Hahn

As I prepare to launch my new CD at the SOUND CONNECTIONS Music Conference, the excitement is building, and I’ve had some time to reflect on the past 10 months of recording this CD. This week, I will begin blogging about each song to tell you the “back story” on each one. It’s truly been an amazing journey. There’s one thing I’ve learned, and that’s when you tell God “yes,” strap in and be ready for the ride! You’d better mean it when you say yes and be ready to surrender to the good that is coming your way.

I’ve heard so many people say, “Dinah, you’re so busy.” They can’t understand how I work a full-time, demanding, high-stress job, prepare to go into ministry as a licensed teacher in my church, and record my CD.  I cannot quite fathom it all just yet either! But if any of you have ever had a burning passion for something, you might be able to understand it. Singing is in my DNA. I was raised in a musical family. And the messages in my songs all reflect some aspect of my life and my spiritual journey. It is often overwhelming when I contemplate the infinite love that God is! Opening myself up to allow it to unfold and express as abundant GOOD in my life is an ongoing constant daily practice that I intend to continue. I am fed, nourished, sustained, and fulfilled by the grace of God. Grace fills me up and my cup runneth over!

The river of life eternally flows, and I am so grateful for the decision I made a long time ago to let it flow in me and flow out into a world so thirsty for this living water.  YOU have something…we all have something to share with the world that is unique and rare…. and only you can bring it! There is NO ONE like you. So, let us all allow the RADIANT love of God shine through us so that we can lift and inspire the world to a greater purpose.

I want to thank Jenny Hahn ( for letting her light shine through to the world as beautiful art. Over a year ago, when I first saw her painting, “Evening Gown,” I was awestruck. I just had to have this painting. Then later I decided to use it as my CD cover (long before the CD was even half-way completed). Little did I know it would connect to a song that I hadn’t even written yet. That’s another story, another blog, for another day. So stay tuned for my series over the next couple of weeks as I share the stories behind each song!

Have a blessed and glorious week!