Bye-Bye, Summer!


Greetings! As you probably recall, I graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Unity Institute and Seminary and was ordained as a Unity Minister June 9th at Unity Village. It was a joyous occasion! I am so grateful for all the support, encouragement, and prayers as I followed my heart and answered the call to ministry. Thank you to all who attended the ceremony and celebrations and to those who showed their love by sending cards and gifts! I am grateful and I know that I am blessed by your outpouring of true, genuine support.

I am currently working at my home church Unity Church of San Leandro in the northern California Bay Area as Associate Minister. Many have asked if I will continue singing. The answer is “Yes!” As a matter of fact, feedback from so many of you re-confirms for me that music is foundational for my ministry and most likely always will be. I am still available for singing engagements as well as speaking engagements.

Music is such a great part of how I express God’s gifts and the message of love and Oneness. I feel like my creativity is waking up from a long hiatus, which probably has to do with the right-brain research part of me working on overtime through school. Now, that the program is complete, there’s some blossoming and re-surfacing of my imagination faculty going on. HeartMath – TM experts say that when we are stressed our creative side shuts down. So I am doing a lot of walking and contemplating. When we access our hearts, our creative side blossoms!

I feel the joy rising!

So, …the eagle (me) has finally landed…I had to massage my cheeks from smiling so much. OH THE JOY! Again, I am so very grateful for all the outpouring of love. Already, I’ve had several opportunities to speak and sing. It is truly a blessing! Life is good!


Sunday Morning at Unity of San Francisco – Dec. 4th

Rev. Sonya Milton and me

I was up and at ’em early last Sunday morning to arrive at Unity of San Francisco early enough to do a sound check before the service. I received a warm welcome and was embraced by this  jubilant congregation. Thank you, Cinder Ernst and Uma Maedke for helping to make this singing opportunity happen for me. During her talk, Rev. Sonya Milton reminded us to think on being filled with that hope and expectancy in the coming weeks that something wonderful is happening within us.  “Something truly worth waiting for” is the realization of our Oneness with GOD. The dawning of this LIGHT in our minds and hearts is happening all the time. That light within us is the CHRIST light… oftentimes, just awaiting our recognition of it.

My heart was truly overflowing with gratitude to be able to deliver my message in song, which is… we are loved with a HUGE MAGNIFICENT LOVE that is everlasting and connects us all in a beautiful way. “Beloved,” which is track 9 on my CD “Rivers of Living Waters,” is fast becoming a favorite of many. It speaks of the unique, rare quality that we all have.

We all have gifts we have been sent to share with the world. Our LIGHT shines so brilliantly for the entire world to see and to share. I encourage you to LET your LIGHT shine. YOU are the one we all have been waiting for. Your gifts are the blessed heavenly gifts that we all have been waiting for. So SHINE ON, my beloveds! YOU ARE the BELOVED child of GOD. Do you know how special you are? Has anyone told you lately? If not, please find a nice quiet spot and let me sing it to you…. Love and infinite blessings to you this week and throughout this joyous season!

Love, peace, and joy!

– Dinah

Uma Maedke and Michael Grossman



Exciting News and BIG fun in Thousand Oaks!

On November 5th, I flew into Burbank and hopped on over to Unity of the Oaks in Thousand Oaks, CA, just in time for an all-day retreat/workshop on self-care. It was just what I needed!  We learned how to take care of ourselves – – everything from mindful eating, prayer and meditation, to restorative yoga. Americans are busy folks, and we need to learn to slow down and take time out to sooth the soul and body. It was perfect timing. After a lovely dinner at the home of my friends, Marti and Dom, I turned in for some good ol’ sleep so that I could be up and at ’em on Sunday morning to do a sound check at 9 a.m. before the Sunday service. My heart is still overflowing with gratitude, and I am still floating on a cloud of love thanks to all those good vibes from the Unity of the Oaks congregation. Thanks again to Rev. Molly Rockey, Senior Minister, and my musical support team at the Oaks, Zach and Brynn Spencer.

More Exciting News! I have been on two Unity.FM internet radio programs in the past couple of weeks. On November 1, 2011, I joined Rev. Paulette Pipe on “Touching the Stillness,” and on November 10, 2011, I was guest on “Receive your Life” with Janice Campbell. You may check out both programs by going to Unity.FM  and downloading the podcast (type Unity.FM in your browser and scroll on the right to locate the programs).  Both programs played songs from my new CD, “Rivers of Living Waters.” I am so blessed and so very grateful for these awesome opportunities. Please tell your friends. Spread the word. Thanks, Rev. Paulette! Thanks, Janice! 

Blessings to you all – – Peace & Love,

    – Dinah

(Photo L to R – Rev. Molly, me, Zach, and Brynn)


CD Kick-Off! “Rivers of Living Waters” Ready to Launch

"Evening Gown" © 2005 by Jenny Hahn

As I prepare to launch my new CD at the SOUND CONNECTIONS Music Conference, the excitement is building, and I’ve had some time to reflect on the past 10 months of recording this CD. This week, I will begin blogging about each song to tell you the “back story” on each one. It’s truly been an amazing journey. There’s one thing I’ve learned, and that’s when you tell God “yes,” strap in and be ready for the ride! You’d better mean it when you say yes and be ready to surrender to the good that is coming your way.

I’ve heard so many people say, “Dinah, you’re so busy.” They can’t understand how I work a full-time, demanding, high-stress job, prepare to go into ministry as a licensed teacher in my church, and record my CD.  I cannot quite fathom it all just yet either! But if any of you have ever had a burning passion for something, you might be able to understand it. Singing is in my DNA. I was raised in a musical family. And the messages in my songs all reflect some aspect of my life and my spiritual journey. It is often overwhelming when I contemplate the infinite love that God is! Opening myself up to allow it to unfold and express as abundant GOOD in my life is an ongoing constant daily practice that I intend to continue. I am fed, nourished, sustained, and fulfilled by the grace of God. Grace fills me up and my cup runneth over!

The river of life eternally flows, and I am so grateful for the decision I made a long time ago to let it flow in me and flow out into a world so thirsty for this living water.  YOU have something…we all have something to share with the world that is unique and rare…. and only you can bring it! There is NO ONE like you. So, let us all allow the RADIANT love of God shine through us so that we can lift and inspire the world to a greater purpose.

I want to thank Jenny Hahn ( for letting her light shine through to the world as beautiful art. Over a year ago, when I first saw her painting, “Evening Gown,” I was awestruck. I just had to have this painting. Then later I decided to use it as my CD cover (long before the CD was even half-way completed). Little did I know it would connect to a song that I hadn’t even written yet. That’s another story, another blog, for another day. So stay tuned for my series over the next couple of weeks as I share the stories behind each song!

Have a blessed and glorious week!