A Legacy Like No Other…

I am celebrating the life of Bishop Walter Hawkins who passed on Sunday, July 11.  I join with thousands of others who might be heavy-hearted, but rejoicing that we had the opportunity to experience and behold the genius of this magnificently talented and gifted individual.

I grew up on this music, so it’s basically been planted deeply into the way I sing. In traveling to our church conventions while growing up, we could not wait to see the Hawkins family sing.  They were like no other. For sure, we thought we were having a “high time” during those church services and midnight musicals. Little did we know then, we were witnessing the making of monumental history.  His musical arrangements, the driving rhythm, the soul-piercing lyrics, and his preaching all rolled up into one individual was something to behold and you knew when you saw it, it was something rare, unique, and very special.  Walter and Edwin Hawkins were shaping the history of gospel music in America right before our very eyes.  He is one of the very reasons that I am singing today, and that probably goes for countless others. I wonder if there’s a song that we can play to comfort our hearts? It will probably be one written by Bishop Walter Hawkins.

Thank you, we bless you, Bishop Hawkins… Christ in you…the hope of glory!

Love and peace,