Abundantly Blessed!

Today, I am grateful for the awareness of abundant blessings pouring into my life, no matter what shape or form they take! Not long ago, I had the pleasure of teaching an abundance class. It still amazes me at how fast things shift when we make even the smallest change in our thinking or in our minds about something, particulary when it involves moving forward ion our spiritual path. The fact that we are willing to move forward in our spiritual commitments and practices can set off a chain of blessings to pop up all over in our lives! It is another subtle way of “asking” the Universe for an opening of the windows of heaven. We don’t have to do everytihng perfect, but we must go within our heart of hearts and make a decision to find a corresponding action that supports what we are believing.

I have a friend who clearly made steps toward making conscious choices and lifestyle changes over a period of months, and she is NOW no longer a diabetic! She was also beginning to make some changing in her thinking about applying some abundance principles in her life. And voila! Her addiontal income manifested in a huge way when a roommate came into her her life. So whatever it is you’re contemplating, move ahead in faith and watch things begin to change! I invite you to get on your abundance path today and prepare to receive the outpouring of abundant blessings.  ASK, that your JOY may be FULL!