Awesome Music Conference!!!

Greetings! I’m still flying high just thinking about what a great experience it was to be at the 2010 Sound Connections Music Conference last week! So much music, so many new friends, so much sizzlin’, creative, transforming, powerful, uplifting energy. It was absolutely magnificent! What a fun time we had (my roommate was Gayle Staehle, Tri-Valley Unity music director).  Plus, we brought back soooo much music and positive information to share with our music ministry and to enhance our Sunday services.

Sound Connections Music Conference - July 2010
Dinah and Gayle at Sound Connections 2010

Each day, I did my very best to just breath in and embrace all the great exchange of love and fellowship between all the musicians, songwriters, music directors, and spiritual leaders. There was such a supportive spirit in the air! Just the BOOST we ALL needed. There was something always going on at the conference to nourish our souls. It was just good to sit and reflect on the creative atmosphere and let it feed me. At a very deep soul-level, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. 

I really must plan more of these “retreats” in my life now. It’s so good to be around what feeds you and nourishes your spirit.  Blessings to all of you at SOUND CONNECTIONS who met and greeted me with open arms! You inspired me and encouraged me to keep on keepin’ on! You supercharged me! You’re the BEST! Can’t wait to get back into the recording studio next month. Thanks!

Let your spirit soar!