January is traditionally the month in which we affirm our faculty of faith. It is the FAITH month, for sure! I usually spend quite of bit of time reflecting on what I envision for the upcoming year. I am grateful for all that has transpired in 2010, particularly for everyone who supported me in my FIRST concert on Dec. 12th, but I’m looking forward now! For sure, I am continuing to work the next few months on my next CD….it’s in the works!

On this past New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a burning bowl service at my church with my fellow prayer chaplain, Dee Roshong. In the first part of this service,  we had the congregants jot down all the things they wanted to let go of and release from 2010.   I find this to be a very freeing experience, and it clears the way for the new, exciting experiences to unfold in my life. It’s like cleaning out your closet, so that you can start new and fresh. Then during the second part of the service, we had everyone write their “letters to God.”  Now, this is like dreaming out loud. But no one sees the letter but you. I love this part!

We then had everyone seal up their letters in envelopes and address them to themselves. The letters will be mailed to the congregants later in the year. I must admit in the past two years when I got my sealed letter back in November or December, I was joyfully surprised at the forward motion and the progress made in my life.  I always seem to forget about the letter until it arrives late in the fall.  Somehow the act of writing it all down and setting the intention is a very powerful tool. It ignites our faith and sets all the unseen ethers in the universe in motion. At the moment I’m writing it down, I can see whatever I’m envisioning as if it’s in the present moment. And I believe this is very key in this process. Another key element, I believe, is that this creative process is happening at a very deep level where we are most honest, sincere, and without pretense, because it is secret….you are sharing right from your heart…your most earnest heart’s desires. Your heartspace is the most secret, safest, purest springbed to give shape and form to anything and everything you manifest on the physical plane. It is where LOVE dwells! When something is shared from your heart (love) it is very powerful and it vibrates out and touches others at a very deep place as well. 

In the Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore writes, “When there has been an inspiration and a reaching out for the spiritual life, the faith faculty becomes active in consciousness.” In other words, the inspiration and love within us ACTIVATES our faith. So, I am wishing you a joy-filled year, full of love, and that your faith may flourish endlessly! Go on and SHINE! Have a great 2011!!

Blessings galore,