Unity Clear Lake was fantastic!

Thank you, Unity Clear Lake! It is always a pleasure to be surrounded and embraced so warmly by my friends at Unity Clear Lake. I remember the first time I sang there a couple of years ago. It wasn’t long before they encouraged me to come back and be their featured guest to do singing, talking, or whatever I wanted to share. So with a little nudging, I did go back.

And here now, I can see that God was preparing me all along to do more than sing. I can even give a short talk now along with my songs! My talk last Sunday was based on John 14:12, in which Jesus reminds us that we can do even greater things. And I wholeheartedly believe that! We can fulfill our purpose, our vision, our dreams when we follow in Jesus’ footsteps.  In Felicia Blanco Searcy’s book, Do Greater Things, she points out several patterns of behaviour or practices that Jesus had that we can emulate, such as vision, gratitude, prayer, humility, that will not only transform our lives, but also change the world.  I know that if I can consciously expand my thinking and open up my heart to receive a higher, grander vision, I can make a difference in this world. We all can. LOVE, …the highest, grandest vision for us here on earth, is calling us to do just that!

Have a wonderful week!

Blessings galore!