Stay in your JOY


Today, I had a scary road rage encounter. As I went about my daily errands, stopping by the bank, putting gas in the car, etc., I came to a four-way stop. My usual habit is to notice who gets to the stop signs first, of course. This time I was the last car to reach the stop signs. Two cars were already at the corner. They were not proceeding through the intersection because of two pedestrians in the cross walk. The car behind me began honking his horn at me. I finally took my appropriate left turn and turned into the gas station. The impatient honking driver then raced into the gas station lot and blocked the front of my car. When I proceeded into the gas station to pay for my gas, I noticed he was yelling and swearing at me! At first I was startled, but then I thought, “oh, he is really upset.”
What the upset driver had failed to see were the pedestrians that everyone was waiting for to cross the street. After I realized it was me at whom he was screaming, “I will f – – – you up! I will f – – – you up!” and saying I didn’t know how to drive, all I could think to say was “I love you, God bless you, …I love you, God bless you.” He then threw his car into reverse and raced out of the gas station lot. It could have turned out differently, and I am grateful he left.
I have been thinking a lot lately on filling up with joy, even in the midst of trying circumstances. And if all we are filled up with is love, then that is what should come flowing out of us, even when we’re under pressure. We must stay vigilant in keeping our minds stayed on higher thoughts.  I’m not saying we’re perfect all the time, but that’s our goal. Perfect love casts out fear. Incidents like these  make me wonder why so many people seem to be on edge, feeling fearful and irritated, feeling scarcity, limitation, and lack. But they also make me even more grateful to have the support of my family and friends who supported me and encouraged me after this incident.
I believe now more than ever we must continue to fill ourselves up with the joy and love that God is continually expressing through us and remind ourselves constantly of what is true. So, be safe, use good wisdom, be the light, and don’t let anyone steal your JOY!
In gratitude, love, and joy,
Rev. Dinah