Joy…in the midst of chaos?

FeelthejoyEarlier this week I wrote and got so busy I forgot to post – Hmmm, it feels odd to talk about and be about JOY, when so much is happening in the media that doesn’t seem to represent JOY.  JOY to the world, and goodwill toward all are not just things we should say in December. I was just absolutely speechless when I heard about the violence and death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. “Where is the Joy in that?” I thought. I recognize that Joy is an innate quality of being that springs from divine love and for me that means it is the inner state of mind and heart that is attuned to the spirit of God.  As spiritual beings having a natural experience, we can decide if we’re going to be in alignment with Truth and righteousness or if are we going to break with eternal truth and do something else. There’’s a whole lot of “something else” going on in the world today. But there is a great deal of good that’s going on in the world as well. What will we choose to focus on?
It seems the human race is going through another birthing cycle to evolve to a much higher state. All the seeds of error that have been sown into our collective memory grew into stalks of coarse weeds entangled into our civilization and are now being uprooted. It is like cutting out a cancer and it’s not painless. So, whether it’s a birthing of something new or a surgery that humankind is going through, it won’t happen overnight in the the micro-wave popcorn fashion, like we wish it would. If we choose Joy, we choose the joy of knowing divine justice and divine love prevails in the midst of us.
The invisible, eternal, infinite divine laws of LIFE, FREEDOM, and DIVINE LOVE are mighty in the midst of us and will always show up and show forth in those who seek first the kingdom. We all must set intentions and act upon those God-given intentions. Let us not say, the Light, the Joy, and the Peace came, and we did not see or know it. So, no…I will not take down my Joy signs. Please know that I am not ignoring that the reality that many people are in some very real pain today and hurting, and some are grieving the most incredible losses. May the peace, love, comfort, and strength of the Infinite, All-knowing become fully theirs today. For weeping may endure for a night…Millions are holding you in their hearts today in a good way. May we all rise and see a brand new morning is dawning.
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love. I John 4:18
Choose Love….Choose Joy….Choose Peace.
Love and joy to you today,
Rev. Dinah