We have Logo Lift-off!

I am please to now have an official logo! This ministry is part of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Unity Joy Abundantly Expressing Ministries’ Vision

Unity – Joy Abundantly Expressing Ministries’ vision is to be a global beacon of light on the internet radiantly expressing and sharing positive, inspiring, life-affirming messages of joy – – joy based on the love and peace inspired by the transformative teachings of Jesus, the Christ, and many other wisdom teachings.

Unity Joy Abundantly Expressing Ministries’ Mission

Unity – Joy Abundantly Expressing Ministries inspires, uplifts, and edifies listeners and followers with music, affirmations, and messages through its website, videos, and social media and provides a space online for others to connect around the theme of joy.

I hope you will join me on this journey of uplifting our world. Through every challenge, every circumstance, I believe true joy can pierce the veil and allow us to live triumphantly and successfully!

Have an amazing day!

You are invited to join my discussion group and like my FaceBook at: UnityJoy

Peace and blessings,

~ Rev. Dinah ~